About Me

Ewa - photo shoot - about me



(born in 1995, in Modła, Lower Silesia) a Polish artist, a graduate of the Étienne - Jules Marey photography school in Paris. She lives and works in Cracow. She is a full-time artist and her work is also her greatest passion. In her minimalist paintings, she portrays women, usually inspired by fashion photography. Her artwork titles are often contrasting with the seriousness written on the faces of painted women, humorously emphasizing the uniqueness of each of them. In her work, the artist mainly reflects her perception of the world and people, especially women. 




What inspires me?


“My artwork is often an expression of my own emotions, thoughts, desires, or fears.


I share my personal story build of memories and dreams through my paintings, I put a piece of my heart and soul into each one of them.


Besides, I’m passionate about interior design. I’m following global trends of design and decoration, which often inspires me.


What motivates me the most is the work of other artists, photography which was always very important to me, music, places, and buildings.”